Thursday, May 12, 2011


Ok, so I forgot yesterday was Wednesday the weigh in day.  I have been so busy this week I feel behind. I am enjoying my new life style. I have soooooo much energy. Someone asked me today how was I doing this. I told them it is GOD. He has given me the power to overcome temptation and a 20 plus year habit.

It takes renewing your mind on a daily basis. Sometimes more! He is faithful! You have to stay in the Word and agree with Him about what He says about you, and what He says to do to live the abundant life. I told my daughter earlier if will power alone could do it I would be a twig. I wouldn't have any problem overcoming temptation. But the only power is Holy Ghost power. With the fulfilling of the Holy Spirit I have all the power available to me to overcome!

So everyone is wondering what is the weight this week? I am happy to report that this week I lost a lot of fear that I had, I gained some new understanding in the Word of God, I lost the habit of snacking at night time. I did lose weight to. I now weigh 234. Praise God! He is so faithful.

Tomorrow I will post on some ways that He has gotten me through the difficult times. Love each and everyone of you. Keep praying, keep on pursuing your dreams. He is the dream maker.

Princess Lee

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